Getting Started: If you are a new player, click the "New Game" button once you play the game. Create all the ideal features for your character and make a role-playing name for yourself. It will give you the option to choose the Jedi or the Sith: Choose one and you will come to four different new icons. They each show the weapon that you can use during the entire role-play experience. They include the Single Lightsaber, Dual Lightsaber, Double-sided Lightsaber, and the Gun-Class.

The Cantina: Once in game by either clicking "New Game" or "Load Game", you will be teleported to a Cantina similar to the one in the original movie. A GUI will pop-up, (If you're new don't exit out of it) showing you all the controls to your character while playing the game. If it is your first time playing, I recommend taking a picture of it with your phone or writing down the controls. Once you've learned the controls, there is a myriad of planets to choose from to continue your journey. If you head out the front door of the cantina, you will be teleported to the city of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. If your destination is not Tatooine, head to the back of the cantina through either of the two doors beside the bar. You will get to a hologram with many planets, click on one (Be aware, Sith cannot go to the Jedi-only planets and Jedi cannot go to the Sith-only planets). If you are in a Group related to the game, [] go behind the hologram of planets until a GUI appears on your screen giving you the option to go to your respective Group Server (Jedi and Resistance to Coruscant, Sith and First Order to Dromund Kaas).